ExperienceGolf Private & Semi-Private Coaching

Are you serious about your game?

A typical new or existing golfer is someone who is willing to commit to their overall improvement regardless of their skill level. The coaching relationship starts with a FREE 15-30 minute phone interview. The first session will be scheduled for 90 minutes in order to complete a self-assessment, physical, equipment and technical evaluation. After the conclusion of the first session an overall game improvement plan will be outlined and a specific program decided upon.

For more information or to schedule your FREE interview, Call 303-503-0455 or Email Info@experiencegolf.biz. Schedule your assessment on-line Click Here.

Private and Semi-Private Coaching Fees

Private Coaching Elena Stef
New Client Assessment - 90 Minutes $300 $250
One - 45 Minute Session $150 $125
Five – 45 Minute Sessions $700 $550
Ten – 45 Minute Sessions $1300 $1000
One - Two Hour On Course $320 $270
Semi -Private Coaching Available Upon Request

Private Junior Coaching
One – 45 Minute (Age 12-18) $120 $100
One – 30 Minute (Age 5-11) $90 $75

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