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CommonGround Golf Course

CommonGround is the home of the Colorado Golf Association, and is an affordable public facility built to support the mission of the CGA: "to represent, promote, and serve the best interests of golf in the state of Colorado."

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VISION54 is many things…it’s a number, a philosophy, an attitude, a process and a discipline. It represents a future full of possibilities and unlimited human potential.

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Mental Golf Workshop Profile

The purpose of this profile is to generate personalized information for working on your mental game. It is a wonderful tool for you as well as for us at ExperienceGolf. It will help us build a program for you to quickly tackle your mental game problems and improve your enjoyment on the golf course.

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THINQ Golf is committed to improving a golfer’s performance by accelerating the development of the mental game through scientifically based brain games and education. Train essential mental skills required for optimum performance. Learn from mental game experts with monthly webinars. Unlock your dashboard and train with our Performance Tools. Compete against other THINQ members around the Globe. Establish a Q Handicap and track your mental skills progress.

Golf Scrimmages

GolfScrimmages.com is a website designed to make practice sessions competitive and golf-like so that you can transfer your game to the course and to tournament play with more success. The site contains a couple dozen practice games prepped with mental and emotional scenarios and other challenges that are relevant to on-course play. Enter your practice scores and it will track your progress within each game and show where you rank on each game's Leaderboard.

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FightScope X2 - Golf Swing Analyzer FlightScope Certified

Boditrak - Force and Pressure analysis

Titleist - Certified Fitter – Elena King, Stefanie Ferguson and Joe Egnoski

D’Lance Performance Center - Custom Club Fitting

Club Champion 

Orange Whip - Training Aids

Opti International - Performance Optimization


Stacy Montgomery

Champion Fitness Golf - Dee Tidwell

Titleist Performance Institute - Elena King Level 1 Certified / Stefanie Ferguson Level 2 and Junior Certified