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ExperienceGolf is proud to be selected as one of only six Welcome2Golf locations across the country. Partnering with the National Golf Foundation we will design and deliver new golfer programs in a fun environment. Perfect for those looking to learn the game!

#Golfbecause.....it's fun, you can be outside, meet new friends, get your steps in....so many reasons to learn the game of golf and we are here to make it easy and fun!

Many choices of times and dates

4-90 Minute Classes

ONLY $199

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Trajectory Changes in Chipping

Lower Trajectory:

  • Ball back in stance - off the trail foot
  • Weight forward on lead foot
  • Handle a little ahead of the club head to de-loft the club face

Higher Trajectory:

  • Ball more center to forward in stance
  • Weight more centered to lead foot
  • Open the club face slightly for more loft

Perfecting Shots from 100 Yards and In!

Learn how to execute 1/2 and 3/4 wedge shots and control distance.

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